Philippine Electronic Theses and Dissertations

The Philippine Electronic Theses and Dissertations (PETD) is an initiative to create a platform that will serve as a repository of theses and dissertations for masteral and doctoral degrees from different academic institutions in the Philippines

C&E Publishing, Inc.

C&E is one of the Philippines' leading developer, publisher, and provider of globally-competitive educational resources and solutions for the academic and professional markets. It provides innovative and top-quality textbooks, trade books, reference books, and other instructional materials, in both print and digital forms.

KITE E-Learning Solutions

KITE E-Learning Solutions, designs and develops various forms of digital publications, educational resources, and e-learning programs for academic and corporate organizations. Our organization is committed to research-based methodologies that effectively integrate authoritative content with cutting-edge technologies. We employ digital publishing and multimedia development solutions that yield flexible, scalable, reusable, and future-proof products.

CE-Logic, Inc.

CE-Logic is a brand that offers solutions for academic institutions and companies with maximum reliability and efficiency through the latest interactive multimedia technology and authoritative web-based reference and information services. CE-Logic commits itself to becoming the premiere provider of world-class and integrity-based educational online products and innovative solutions for academic and professional institutions.