The Philippine Electronic Theses and Dissertations (PETD) aims to (1) host databases of research works from universities and colleges in the country,(2) provide access to said works without the need to visit a physical library, and (3) create a collaborative research environment for its contributors and subscribers.
PETD accepts theses and dissertations for master’s and doctorate degrees from academic institutions.
The hosting fee depends on the volume of theses and dissertations uploaded in the database.
All data files are being maintained and monitored in centralized and secured data servers.
Contributors can decide if they want their research works to be available for purchase. Hosting entitles PETD to distribute their research works exclusively

For Contributors and Subscribers

Contributors are universities and colleges whose databases are hosted by PETD.
Contributors are provided administrator access to the PETD platform so they can monitor usage and visibility of their research works.
With PETD’s data analytics feature, a summary of usage reports and running statistics will be provided by the platform’s dashboard in real time.
Yes, a contributor is entitled to receive a royalty for every purchased research work.
Students of participating schools can also access the platform.
Subscribers can access the platform through IP authentication and IP-based remote access.

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