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Open Access
[Dissertation], Jan 2017

The purpose of this qualitative case study was to explore how a select sample of college-level history textbooks position Iran and Iranians in the origins of Western Civilization. Western Civilization...

Author/s: Sheda Vasseghi, PhD,  

Open Access
[Dissertation], Jan 2016

My research examines how Asian Americans at University of California, San Diego engage in a discourse around self- determination, internationalization, and diversity from 1960 to the present. In a pos...

Author/s: Angela Wai-Yin Kong, PhD,  

Open Access
[Thesis], Jan 2009

King Philip’s War (1675-1676) was one of the bloodiest in American history. One New England colony, however, emerged unscathed from the conflict. Connecticut maximized three important cultural-...

Author/s: Jason William Warren, MA,  

Open Access
[Dissertation], Jan 2017

Following Joseph Stalin’s death in 1953, Nikita Khrushchev became leader of the Soviet Union and ushered in a liberalization campaign that reverberated outward to certain Eastern European natio...

Author/s: Cory Scurr, PhD,  

Open Access
[Dissertation], Jan 2009

Using the tool of witnessing, Eastern European authors look westward intending to facilitate the reemergence of what the West imagines to be its limit-space: Eastern Europe. It is my dissertation's go...

Author/s: Eva R Hudecova, PhD,  

Open Access
[Thesis], Jan 2011

Lelov, an otherwise quiet village about fifty miles south of Cracow (Poland), is where Rebbe Dovid (David) Biederman founder of the Lelov ultra-orthodox (Chasidic) Jewish group, - is buried. His grave...

Institution: University of Bradford
Author/s: Lucja Morawska, PhD,  

Open Access
[Dissertation], Jan 2014

This dissertation explores the history of black classical musicians in Germany and Austria from 1870 to 1961. In it, I argue that throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, black classical mus...

Author/s: Kira Thurman, PhD,  
Category: Germany History, History,

Open Access
[Thesis], Jan 2007

This thesis examines attitudes toward international affairs held by students and staff at the University of Edinburgh between 1914 and 1939, particularly those relating to the issues of war and peace....

Author/s: Niall T Stuart, PhD,  

Open Access
[Thesis], Jan 2011

In the last centuries, the question of literary orchestration of historic material increasingly became a focal point of debate within the historical science as much as the study of literature. Since t...

Institution: University of Georgia
Author/s: Melanie Rehle, MA,  
Category: History, Metahistory,

Open Access
[Dissertation], Jan 2013

Although most historians have evaded its study, postmortem mutilation had an extensive history on both sides of the Atlantic and appears in a startling number of sources. Corporeal trophies communicat...

Institution: University of Colorado
Author/s: Margaret Haig Roosevelt Sewall Ball, PhD,  
Category: History, Grim Commerce,