History of America (3)

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Open Access
[Thesis], Jan 2015

This work is a comprehensive study of American soldiers‘ writings during World War II as they related to personal and national postwar aims. The paper uses military and domestic publications alo...

Institution: Marshall University
Author/s: Amanda Lee Stevens, MA,  

Open Access
[Dissertation], Jan 2012

The main purpose of this ministry project is to gain an understanding of the historical context of workplace ministry and events leading to the current state of workplace ministry in America. This pro...

Institution: Liberty University
Author/s: David Freeland, Dmin,  

Open Access
[Thesis], Jan 2009

The history of mathematics education during colonial America and early republic is an underprivileged subject. This thesis focuses on one aspect of this broad topic, the interdependence of land survey...

Institution: Cornell University
Author/s: Mircea Pitici ,