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[Thesis], Jan 2013

This thesis examines the readability of two grade 4 Natural Sciences textbooks currently used in South African schools. Being important sources of classroom input, particularly in grade 4 where learne...

Institution: Rhodes University
Author/s: Lucy Sibanda, MA,  
Category: Textbooks, Education,

Open Access
[Dissertation], Jan 2013

Today’s undergraduate student faces many challenges. The challenges include paying for tuition and textbooks and finding a job upon graduation. These students are tech-savvy and seeking better ...

Author/s: James W Johnson, PhD,  
Category: Textbooks, Education,

Open Access
[Thesis], Jan 1927

This study concerns itself with the consideration of the textbook material of the histories and geographies of the English-speaking countries bordering on the Pacific, to find the amount of space devo...

Institution: University of Hawaii
Author/s: Curtis Tate Leaf, MA,  
Category: Textbooks, Education,