Independence in Model Theory and Team Semantics

Author/s: Paolini Gianluca, PhD
Availability: Open Access
Type: Dissertation
Year: 2024
Category: Logic
Institution: University of Helsinki

Abstract: The subject of this doctoral thesis is the mathematical theory of independence, and its various manifestations in logic and mathematics. The topics covered in this doctoral thesis range from model theory and combinatorial geometry, to database theory, quantum logic and probability logic. This study has two intertwined centres: - classification theory, independence calculi and combinatorial geometry (papers I-IV); - new perspectives in team semantics (papers V-VII). The first topic is a classical topic in model theory, which we approach from different directions (implication problems, abstract elementary classes, unstable first-order theories). The second topic is a relatively new logical framework where to study non-classical logical phenomena (dependence and independence, uncertainty, probabilistic reasoning, quantum foundations). Although these two centres seem to be far apart, we will see that they are linked to each others in various ways, under the guiding thread of independence.

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