Asian American Political Participation: Examining Political Participation through Voting and Immigration Status

Author/s: Stephanie M Wong
Availability: Open Access
Type: Thesis
Year: 2016
Category: Asian History
Institution: University of Florida

Abstract: Asian Americans are considered the least likely out of all the racial groups in the United States to participate politically. However, Asian Americans have suffered many injustices and challenges throughout their history and establishment in the United States. They have been able to slowly become incorporated into American politics but not without overcoming many barriers in their way. To discover how Asian Americans have participated politically in U.S. politics and why they are the least likely out of the racial groups to do so, I do a study on the history of Asian American political participation by looking at several cases of political engagement in U.S. history. I also analyze statistical data of Asian American voting in the 2012 Presidential Elections to quantify and measure the political participation of Asian Americans and see whether their incorporation or assimilation into the United States affects their voting.

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