Remote Sensing the Signatures of Upwelling in South Eastern Arabian Sea

Author/s: Jayaram Chiranjivi , PhD
Availability: Open Access
Type: Thesis
Year: 2011

Abstract: In this thesis, a variety of available satellite data products have been made use of to bring out a synergistic analysis on the upwelling phenomenon in SEAS. Basic concepts of remote sensing, upwelling and linked oceanography topics have been dealt in this work .Auxiliary data products utilized in this study are described in chapter 2. The climatological monthly variability of the upwelling signatures are detailed under chapter 3. Chapter 4 presents the forcing factors that trigger the upwelling process in SEAS. Chapter 5 describes the oceanic response to the forcing factors with respect to the SST cooling and CHLA blooms. Chapter 6 presents the heat budget of the region and the variability of heat budget terms with respect to upwelling. Chapter 7 describes the inter-annual variability of upwelling intensity in SEAS and the influence of climatic events on upwelling.

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