Newcomer youth: how integration pitfalls may lead to participation In illegal activities

Author/s: Zainab Godwin, MA
Availability: Open Access
Type: Thesis
Year: 2017
Category: Law of Canada
Institution: Ryerson University

Abstract: Newcomer youth’s migration and integration experience is a topic with depths that are yet to be discovered. However, to enhance the integration experience, it is crucial that we look into the existing pathways and barriers to successful integration. Through a combination of primary research with 2 staff who work with newcomer youth in conflict with the law and 2 additional studies discussing integration barriers for newcomer youth, this study analyzes the systemic and individual barriers that may further marginalize newcomer youth and potentially result in their involvement in illegal/delinquent behaviours. Utilizing multiple theoretical frameworks, the research concludes that through gaps in the system (especially the education system), newcomer youth are vulnerable to illegal and delinquent behaviours as they settle and integrate in their new home country. Keywords: Newcomer youth, barriers, settlement, integration, criminal justice system, delinquency, illegal activities.

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