Introduction to the Development of a Radio Astronomy System at Brigham Young University

Author/s: Daniel Robert Blakley, MA
Availability: Open Access
Type: Thesis
Year: 2014
Category: Science

Abstract: The intent of this project was founded upon the need to train students in the techniques of radio astronomy with the purpose of establishing a radio telescope in order to teach the principles and practice of radio astronomy.This document describes the theory, research, to establish the 1st generation radio telescope system within the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Brigham Young University. Included are introductions to: (1) The nature of star forming regions in the spiral arm structure of the galaxy, H I (the hydrogen spin-flip transition) and OH MASERS, (2) The of terminology used with the system components and their measurements, (3) The characteristics of the imaging system and its limitations, and (4) Future work and plans. Within the body of this work, I also present an introduction to the purpose, architectural design, as well as a brief description of some of the system level functions and associated equipment that constitute the development infrastructure for the 2nd generation radio astronomy system.The major work accomplished includes history, some of the fundamental theory behind radio astronomy, significant aspects of the theory behind the system, building of the system, its calibration and characteristics as well as next steps.

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