An investigation into the marketing of the local commercial hunting industry

Author/s: W. J. Theron
Availability: Open Access
Type: Dissertation
Year: 2006
Category: Agriculture

Abstract: M.Com. (Business Management) This study will focus on the hunting industry in South Africa. Being a dedicated hunter the researcher has great enthusiasm for and interest in the local hunting and wildlife industry. The study focuses on the marketing of the South African hunting industry. Therefore, this will be a study regarding the marketing of the South African hunting industry in general. The researcher will investigate the hunting industry and the background of the hunting industry, problems facing the hunting industry, future prospects and also the marketing related aspects of all the stakeholders within the industry. The investigation will focus on the hunting industry with consideration to the practical implication of marketing strategies, attitudes, and marketing objectives, current and future challenges for effective management of the industry. The empirical investigation will focus on the future of the hunting industry as a whole and what local farmers and game ranchers anticipate.

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