The Welsh Hymn to the Virgin: contexts and reception

Author/s: Manon Gwendoline Morgane Thuillier
Availability: Open Access
Type: Dissertation
Year: 2008

Abstract: The Hymn to the Virgin is a poem attributed to the Welsh poet Ieuan ap Hywel Swrdwal, thought to have been written around 1470 while he was a student at the University of Oxford. It is reputedly the first poem ever written in English by a Welshman (Stephens 1998: 341). The particularities of this poem are, first, its language, as it is composed in Middle to Early Modern English but spelled using Welsh letter-values, and the way it was transmitted, as it survives in twelve manuscripts, all of which being of Welsh origin and containing poetry in Welsh (with a few exceptions in Latin). This thesis comprises a survey of the different sources in which the poem is to be found, along with transcriptions and textual analyses of the manuscript copies

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