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Open Access
[Thesis], Jan 2014

This research investigated the ways academic libraries are using social media and adopting participatory principles in their programs and services. Using the Grounded Theory method the research develo...

Author/s: Linh Cuong Nguyen, PhD,  

Open Access
[Dissertation], Jan 2016

In this study distance learning library resources and services as provided by member institutions belonging to the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) were examined. The goals of this study were (...

Author/s: Roseanne Michele Sasso, PhD,  
Category: Logic, Libraries,

Open Access
[Dissertation], Jan 2010

The purpose of this study was to determine whether law students experienced library anxiety and, if so, which components contributed to that anxiety. The Multidimensional Library Anxiety Scale (MLAS) ...

Institution: University of Denver
Author/s: Stacey L Bowers, PhD,