Music Pedagogy| The Dissonance between the Taught, the Learned, and the Practiced

Author/s: Rita R Frady, PhD
Availability: Open Access
Type: Dissertation
Year: 2011
Category: Music
Institution: Piedmont College

Abstract: The purpose of this mixed methods study was to determine the effectiveness of music teacher preparation programs in Georgia in providing preservice music teachers with the pedagogical knowledge and skills (PKS) required for music instruction in elementary music classrooms. The data-validation variant was utilized for the collection of both quantitative and qualitative data at the same time within the same survey instrument using open ended questions to validate the quantitative data. Data was acquired through an online survey. The study evaluated the alignment of PKS taught and learned in music teacher preparation programs to actual pedagogical practices in elementary music classrooms. The quantitative data was comprised of the number of reported PKS taught and learned in music teacher preparation programs and utilized in elementary music classroom as perceived by university music faculty, elementary music teachers, and elementary principals for each of the subscales Hardware, Software, Communication, Web Instructional Tools, Curriculum Instruction, Assessment, Diversity, and Classroom Management. Statistically significant differences in perceptions were found between each of the participant groups for the subscales Curriculum Instruction and Diversity. The findings indicated elementary music teachers perceived content academic knowledge was taught and learned in teacher preparation programs but not PKS for the subscales Curriculum Instruction, Classroom Management, and Diversity. The two primary areas of pedagogical need in music teacher preparation programs as perceived by elementary music teachers were Curriculum Instruction and Classroom Management. The data stipulated professional development as primary PKS source with teacher experience the source for acquisition of classroom management PKS.

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