Creative thinking in the elementary music classroom a review of literature

Author/s: Joanna Reesman
Availability: Open Access
Type: Thesis
Year: 2015
Category: Music
Institution: University of Florida

Abstract: The purpose of this capstone project was to construct a review of literature on creative thinking in the elementary music classroom. The literature review focuses on the incorporation of popular music and technological tools that encourage creative thought. The studies I consulted revealed that popular music is taught in the elementary classroom through informal teaching practices and student-centered learning. According to the research, music educators are currently using technology to improvise and compose in the elementary classroom. Creative uses of technology, popular music, and non-traditional teaching methods such as a more student-centered pedagogy and peer teaching in the classroom are explored. This project also outlines suggestions for how to apply these innovative approaches in the classroom, with included lessons plans, for a unit on creative thinking in the elementary music class.

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