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Open Access
[Dissertation], Jan 2013

This dissertation discusses the ways that scientific thought and philosophy have theorized human life and machines in western thought....

Author/s: Mark Martinez, PhD,  

Open Access
[Thesis], Jan 2016

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the new medium of educational and social life for young people, and mobile educational games have become an important mechanism for learning. To enhance plant scien...

Institution: University of Akron
Author/s: Suphanut Jamonnak, MA,  
Category: Science, Botany, Technology,

Open Access
[Thesis], Jan 2010

This thesis discusses exchanges between Britain and Greece as part of the Arts and Crafts Movement which took shape in England in the 1880s. It had an impact throughout Europe; its influence was espec...

Author/s: Mary Greensted ,  

Open Access
[Dissertation], Jan 2018

In an expansion of Jerome McGann's claims for a "materialist aesthetic" as the defining feature of William Morris's Kelmscott Press books, this dissertation maintains that Morris's book designs are th...

Author/s: Brandiann Molby, PhD,  

Open Access
[Dissertation], Jan 2015

This dissertation demonstrates that Sarah Orne Jewett’s The Country of the Pointed Firs (1896), Mary Hunter Austin’s The Land of Little Rain (1906), Kate Chopin’s The Awakening (1...

Institution: University of Oregon
Author/s: Rosalie Roberts, PhD,  

Open Access
[Thesis], Jan 2014

Home economics programs through the 1920s served varied purposes within higher education. This typology addresses three types of home economics programs - teaching, extension, and academia- through th...

Author/s: Sara Holtzman, MA,  

Open Access
[Thesis], Jan 2017

Home economics education in Estonia has gone through remarkable developments within recent decades. Its content has widened and the learning approach in the curriculum has changed. Thus, meeting the r...

Institution: University of Helsinki
Author/s: Jaana Taar, PhD,  

Open Access
[Thesis], Jan 2015

This thesis examines the relationship between photography and sociology as offering complementary ways of understanding ourselves and the world we live in. Drawing from the work of Pierre Bourdieu and...

Institution: University of Glasgow
Author/s: Alison Eldridge, PhD,  

Open Access
[Thesis], Jan 2015

The students and faculty of the Rhode Island School of Design produced fourteen annual group portfolios between the years 1967-1981. The George Eastman House collection contains nine of the fourteen g...

Institution: Ryerson University
Author/s: Rachel E Andrews ,  
Category: Technology, Photography,

Open Access
[Thesis], Jan 2016

In the last twenty years, fine art photography has undergone a shift from photography that documents ‘reality’ to photography that is actively engaged in the construction of fictions or a...

Institution: RMIT University
Author/s: Andrey Walkling ,