Organic Structure

Author/s: Jeffery Alan Kiefer, MA
Availability: Open Access
Type: Thesis
Year: 2011
Category: Fine Arts

Abstract: This supplemental report is based on my thesis exhibition and is an investigation into the influences that drive me to create sculpture. The work stems from a fascination with nature's ability to deconstruct what mankind builds, transforming something new in its place. Through the use of juxtaposed structure, materials and surfaces I explore these relationships. Images of the sculpture and references have been included.

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This is my report on my creative research. It is supplementary to my thesis exhibition of works of sculpture, images of which are included in this report. These sculptures explore the idea of balance through articulation of focus. The idea of balance is expressed as a state of mind, as well as a visual equilibrium. My work embodies this concept through the use of color, geometric abstract forms and the use of permanent material.

Responding to visual arts is an important outcome of both the Western Australian and the Australian (F-10) Curriculum in Visual Arts (ACARA, 2014; Curriculum Council, 2008; School Standards and Curriculum Authority, 2014a). Responding is important because it facilitates students’ development...